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When I love something I become a bit obsessive. Some that know me might call it a one track mind, but I choose to call it...enthusiastic. And (duh) I love interior design. I love learning about it, looking at it and I want it to fill my house, my bookshelves and my walls.

So when I found Jeremiah Goodman's work on Instagram I knew I found someone new to get 'enthusiastic' about. Mr. Goodman has been creating interior illustrations for over sixty years (I'm just late to the party) and has captured the work of some of the best designers in the business. He's worked with and been featured in just about every quality magazine there is including The New York Times Magazine, House and Garden, Interior Design and Harper's Bazar and apart of a number of books including Habitually Chic, Creativity at Work, and even a book on his own life and work.

All images via Jeremiah Goodman's Instagram

He's also a pretty funny guy and shares great videos and works in process on Facebook. This is true art in my book and I could fill a whole room with his illustrations.

Do you love illustrations or do you prefer more modern art? Have you found any inspiration on Instagram lately? 

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