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#TG&TF y'all!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your sweet comments and emails about our feature in Refresh Magazine. And what better way to celebrate than to bring back a little Fess Up Friday action! Wahoo!
Today we've got Michele from My Notting Hill. I've been a long time fan of Michele's and I learn something wonderful and design related each and every time I visit.  So Michele, fess up!

Elizabeth - thanks for the invite to Fess Up Friday!  They say a little confession every now and then is good for the psyche.  You know, releasing the pent up anxieties that come with trying to keep hidden one's foibles, and all that.

Well first I was going to fess up about my addiction to design but then realized in the world of bloggers and people who read blogs it's not all that unique. Besides, that pretty much gets chronicled on a weekly basis on my blog anyway.

So here goes my confession- I still use my Motorola Tracfone from 2008!  It's an old school flip phone and I kinda love it.   Yes, it is pretty much good for only two things:  calling and sending simple text messages, which by the way can take me forever to do on this key pad.  At one point my kids (now almost 21 and 16) said, "Mom, why do you keep spelling out numbers when you text us?" Sad truth - I didn't know that if I pushed one extra time I'd get to the number part…  That tidbit of info sure did save me some time.  I love that it's narrow and long and feels more like a real phone that stretches from your ear to your mouth.

I love the little mirror feature and use it to help me put on my lipstick.  I also love the fact that I only spend about $100 bucks a year total on minutes and that I'm never tempted to look at it when I'm walking somewhere because, let's face it, there's not much to look at. I haven't even changed the screensaver pic in over 6 years.

Just recently I went on a long weekend with college friends.  They couldn't believe I still had "that friggin flip phone."  I always tell people the same thing, "Oh, when my minutes expire, I'll finally get an iPhone" but I know that's a lie.  I plan on keeping this thing until it dies.    xo Michele

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